11. MFFA Animator



It's Quite True!

Original title: To pewna wiadomość!

directed by: Joanna Jasińska - Koronkiewicz

screenplay: Joanna Jasińska - Koronkiewicz

music: Michał Makulski

animation: Joanna Jasińska - Koronkiewicz

distribution: Ewa Sobolewska

Poland, 2014, 13:00

A film adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. The story is set in the suburbs of a certain Hen Town. It is centred on a growing rumor about a respectable hen who has lost one small feather. The news, passed on from lips to lips, or, to be precise, from beak to beak, is transformed into a “dramatic” tale of five hens who died of love to a cock. The behaviour of the poultry and other birds is a caricature of human reactions and emotions caused by spreading rumours.