11. MFFA Animator




Original title: Macierz

directed by: Sławomir Shuty, Tomasz Bochniak

screenplay: Sławomir Shuty

music: Łukasz Targosz

animation: Sławomir Shuty, Tomasz Bochniak

distribution: Krakowska Fundacja Filmowa

Polska, 2014, 6

The film is a reconstruction of the Slavic creation myth. After the Big Bang the Gods rise to create the life on Earth. The recurrence of the themes emphasizes the constant evolution which repeats its creations in various scales. We are being a part of a journey through the land of multicultural symbols. The protagonist is a child that appears at the very end of the film. The mystical journey that is experienced by the protagonist is a retrospective reaching deep into memory stored on the atomic level.