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Submissions to the competition of the International Animated Film Festival Animator 2019 are now open!

The deadline for submission of short and feature films is 15.03.2019

The stake is hight because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded the International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR the status of the OSCAR® qualifying film festival.

A prerequisite for being allowed to take part in the selection for the competition is seding short or feature animated film made in any animated technique, after 31 December 2016. Submitted films can be from art schools, film schools, productions company, film institutions, individual artists or any other persons or institutions who have right to do it. 

Festival will not accept tv series, trailers, advertisement or movie and tv intros. 

Remember to fill the SUBMISSION FORM and read carefully new REGULATIONS of 12th International Animated Film Festival Animator 2019 in Poznań.