Submission for competition is now open!

11th IAFF Animator


Submission for competition is now open!



Hey Animators!

It’s time to announce submission for main competition during 11th edition of International Animated Film Festival Animator!

We kindly remind you that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded our festival with the status of the OSCAR® qualifying festival. The stakes become higher and higher, so don't miss it!

The organizers will accept entries until 26th February. The following can be submitted: short and full-length animated films created in any animation technique, completed after December 31th 2015. Competition entries can be submitted by art schools, film schools, production companies, film institutions, individual filmmakers or other entitled entities. The condition to admit a film to selection is completing the film entry form and meeting the conditions set out in the festival regulations of the 11 International Festival and Competition of Animated Films ANIMATOR \ 2018 in Poznań.