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The winners of 12th IAFF Animator will be announced at Thursday evening during the Award Ceremony. Before that check it out what events you cannot miss.

Wednesday, 10.07

18:00 | CK Zamek - Kino Pałacowe | 74’ ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT | Georges Schwizgebel: retrospective  
Georges Schwizgebel produced and directed 19 short animated films, mostly painted on cels. The films were created at the same time as his posters and frescoes. The Swiss artist was recognized with awards, among others, at Cannes, Annecy, Zagreb, and Hiroshima.

20:00 | CK Zamek - Kino Pałacowe | 60’ / ANIMATION BEYOND CINEMA 
The young generation of visual artists very often use animation as their medium of choice. Low-budget, DIY works enter the artistic market without ever being available in cinemas or ditribution networks. The authors of these works do away with the fictional approach to the film medium, experimenting with form and language.

20:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 85’ / ANIMATION DUOS
The show encapsulates more than 80 years of film history, focusing on the animated form. It demonstrates approaches which allowed director teams to act as complementary talents and deliver their best, as well as methods of task-sharing allowing to best fulfill their shared artistic vision.

21:30 Festival Club | 60’ / Estrada Poznańska 65th anniversary celebration: lms by Karolina Specht with live music by duo Linia Nocna and visualisation by VJ Jago /
This year, the organizer of the 12th IAAF, Estrada Poznańska, is 65 years old. To celebrate, we prepared a jubilee screening of films by Karolina Specht, the author of this year’s opening sequence of ANIMATOR. The animation will be scored live by the growing in popularity lyrical and electronic music duo Linia Nocna. Visualizations by JAGO VJ.

Thursday, 11.07

16:00 | CK Zamek | Kino Pałacowe | 72’
ANIMATION AS A STATEMENT | Animacja non- fiction: animując rzeczywistość: Karski i władcy ludzkości / Non- fiction animation: animating reality: Karski & The Lords of Humanity/ Sławomir Grünberg / Poland, USA, 2015 /
A film about Jan Karski, an Emissary of the Polish Underground State, sent in secret to infiltrate the Warsaw Ghetto and report on the situation of the Jews facing the „final solution”. Without an Allied intervention, within one and a half year, the Jewish populace will cease to exist – he stated in the so called “Karski’s report”. 

16:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 88’
ANIMATED SERIES / Cartoon Network presents 
A review of 4 highly recommended, very funny and loved by both younger and adult viewers of Cartoon Network. The hour-and-a-half show features “Craig of the Creek”,  “Summer Camp Island”, “We Bare Bears & Amazing World of Gumball” 

18:00 | Kino Muza | Hall no. 1 | 105’
TIM ALLEN /The Isle of Dogs / Wes Anderson / Germany, USA, 2018 / 105’ 
A story of a 12-year old Atari, raised by a corrupt mayor of the large city, Megasaki. After a special decree banishes all pet dogs to a large waste dump, Atari decides to fly to the “death island” to find his beloved friend. 

21:00 | Scena na Piętrze | 90’
During the ceremony, the ANIMATIK musical ensemble will present an audiovisual project for the 40-the Anniversary of Animation Studies at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. The ensemble under direction of Zbigniew Kozub will be accompanied by visualizations by Miłosz Margański, an Animation Studies lecturer.