make your animation at home!






16.04.2020 | 6PM

ANIMUZA offers us the opportunity to stay in touch with you, our viewers, while awaiting another edition of the Festival, this year to be held exceptionally between 3rd and 9th October 2020. Given the current situation, we will not be able to meet in the Muza Cinema, but nothing prevents us from meeting online! It is the first time that we invite you to join the virtual edition of ANIMUZA. We will be presenting short films awarded at last year’s Etiuda&Anima Festival.

On your home screens, you are going to see what one can learn about the world from a lonely seven-year-old boy arranging matches, you will immerse yourselves in a story about the personal aspect of the Apocalypse, you will get an (auto)ironic glimpse of the man’s relations with technology and you will meet a certain group of friends in which an outside intruder appears.

We believe that the topics selected will be relevant for the present times and we hope that the animated form will help you take your thoughts off everyday worries. 

Make sure you don’t miss it! See you on 16th April at 18:00.

The online screening is free. The link will be provided on the event page on the date of the show. Please be on time! We start at 6 p.m. sharp – just like the cinema. :)


Matches /dir.: Géza M. Tóth, prod.: Éva M. Tóth, KEDD Animation Studio,Hungary 2019, 11’25”
A lonely boy is playing with his colorful matchsticks. While he is talking about his dreams, fears and hopes, the matchsticks bring his visions to life, and illustrate important life lessons for today’s complex societies. The film is based on an interview with the 7-year-old L. S.

The Physics of Sorrow /dir.: Theodore Ushev, prod.: Marc Bertrand – NFB,Canada 2019, 27’06”
Sometimes, the Apocalypse is a strictly personal affair… We are all immigrants, even if the only country we’ve left behind is childhood, abandoning it along with our collections of chewing-gum wrappers, toy cars, games, and pecks on the cheek. We don’t truly feel at home until we open up our suitcase—this “time capsule” holding the hidden treasures of our youth. The Physics of Sorrow is the first fully animated film created using encaustic painting, a technique developed in antiquity. The film is inspired by Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov’s novel The Physics of Sorrow and narrated by Rossif Sutherland.

Story /dir.: Jola Bańkowska, prod.: Studio Munka, Poland 2018, 5’
Story is a reflection about modern man in an age of omnipresent technology. Looking through stories - a popular function in many social media platforms - we see people who are lonely, lost or already indifferent about reality surrounding them. Action takes place during one day and it’s told by short, often (auto)ironic scenes, where virtual world sinks to reality.

Roughhouse /dir.: Jonathan Hodgson, prod.: Papy3D Productions,  France, United Kingdom 2018, 15’35”
Three friends embark on a new adventure in a strange town, but when a manipulative new member joins their gang, their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences.

Total time: 58’66”