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The 11th edition of the Academy Award® qualifying International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR kicks off July 6 in Poznań.

49 films have been selected out of a thousand submissions from 63 countries, including the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Taiwan, Lebanon, Uruguay or Ecuador, to compete for ANIMATOR’s Grand Prix – the coveted Golden Pegasus award.

Thanks to our cooperation with the Polish Filmmakers Association, this year we bring you the first edition of the Polish Animated Films Competition ANIMATOR.PL, featuring the most exciting new films by homegrown animators. The selected pictures will compete for the Animusze awards in the following four categories: Films & TV Series for Children, Student Etudes, Graduation Films, Individual & Auteur Films. The winners of the competition will be decided by an international jury.

For our Animation from the Netherlands section, we put together a wide-ranging program, encompassing retrospectives of Paul Driessen – world-famous artist and winner of over 50 international awards, who began his career as one of the animators behind the cult film Yellow Submarine, Gerrit Van Dijk – animator, actor and author of painted animations, and Rosto – celebrated multimedia artist specialized in storytelling. Finally, we showcase an overview of contemporary Dutch animation, both conventional films and experiments.

There are more crossovers of film and visual art in this year’s line-up. It suffices to mention a special program prepared by Joanna Raczyńska, film curator for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, highlighting artists who do away with traditional feature approach to filmmaking. As part of Animation Beyond Cinema program, we present works by contemporary artists, both Polish and foreign, who are not afraid to experiment with the medium of animation and whose works are often exhibited beyond cinema rooms. We also give viewers an opportunity to watch the most thought-provoking films from the Intermedia Department of the University of Arts in Poznań.

This year’s edition of the International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR celebrates the legacy of Jan Lenica.

In late 1950s, together with Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica revolutionized the world of animation, elevating its status to a form of fine art. ANIMATOR 2018 program features section Labyrinths of Animated Revolution dedicated to the great artist. Alongside Lenica’s retrospective, we zero in on two of his preferred animation techniques in cutouts and collage (Authorial deconstruction – cutouts and collage). On display are also films by other artists known to employ these classic techniques, such as Norman McLaren (Canada), Stan Vanderbeek (USA), Michel Ocelot (France), Daniel Szczechura, Zofia Oraczewska and Władysław Nehrabecki (Poland).

Thanks to our continuing cooperation with the Romanian Cultural Institute, we get the honor of hosting a well-known Romanian artist Dan Panaitescu. He will present a workshop on the nuts and bolts of cutout animation. The Labyrinths of Animated Revolution segment is rounded out by an international conference, Animator’s Brainstorming Sessions, devoted to Lenica’s groundbreaking legacy and modern auteur animation.

In a fascinating section AARDMAN SIGNATURE, we present films produced by Aardman Animations Studios, famous for such animated hits as Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run, (2006) or last year’s Shaun the Sheep. We are very proud to host David Sproxton in Poznań this year. Sproxton, one of the founders of Aardman Studios, is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire-appointed animator, director, cameraman and producer of short and feature films, including such box-office sensations as Shaun the Sheep or the 2018 Early Man.

We always try to stay on top of all the latest trends and technical innovations in animation. That is why this year we delve into one of the fastest-growing branches of animation: special effects.

In the Animation and Special Effects section, we present a collection of films made by pioneers and trailblazers of digital techniques. As part of the Digital visionaries segment, we examine the animated films that kick started a technological revolution and introduced fresh approaches to cinematography.

Our audience will get the opportunity to watch the works of such innovators as Peter Foldes (Canada), John Whitney (US), Géza M. Tóth (Hungary) and Zbigniew Rybczyński (Poland). Also in the program are presentations by specialists in the field of multimedia and visual effects (VFX).

Coming to ANIMATOR are Marek Gajowski i Mateusz Tokarz from the renowned Platige Image studio, involved in VFX work on the production of movies by Lars von Trier (Melancholia, Antichrist), as well as blockbusters Guardians of the Galaxy or Wonder Woman. They will host workshops on composting and give talks on the behind the scenes of postproduction in their very special Master Class.

Since the beginning, special events combining animation and live music have been one of the trademarks of the Animator Festival.

This year we recommend: SOLAR WALK – REKA BUSCI’S ANIMATION ACCOMPANIED BY LIVE MUSIC. It’s a special project from a Hungarian animator Reka Busci, the runner-up of the 2014 ANIMATOR (Silver Pegasus). SOLAR WALK is a performance art piece consisting of original modern-day big band jazz music and animated imagery. The project recounts the history of the solar system, while asking fundamental questions about man’s place in the universe. Live music is performed by the famous orchestra Poznańska Piętnastka, under the baton of a renowned composer and jazz trumpeter Maciej Fortuna.

An original audiovisual project ANIMATED BEATLES is another highlight of our 2018 programming.

We would like to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult classic animation Yellow Submarine with a special project orchestrated by a well-known Polish artist Robert Turło. Together with a team of young animators, Turło created the visuals for five songs by the Beatles to accompany the live performance of the band THE FRUITCAKES. Other than the legendary musical, the animations are inspired by pop-art, a traditional pseudo-animated technique originated in the 1960s called Liquid Light Show, as well as by the Yellow Submarine-influenced works of the late, great artist – and a former lecturer at the Animator festival – Yach Paszkiewicz.

This year’s Animator inaugurates a very unique project by the name of WHISPERS. Prepared exclusively for our festival by a prominent Poznań-based composer and musician Zbigniew Kozub, the show involves a 7-person band ANIMATIK performing live on stage as an accompaniment to the animated videos made by students from the University of Arts in Poznań. To make things even more thrilling, the concert features live mapping.

Animator for Kids is an essential part of the ANIMATOR festival.

Who loves animation the most? Who really gets what animation is all about? Kids do, of course! They are animation’s best audience and are no less adept at making animated films themselves. Animator for Kids involves verious screenings and workshops, all topped off with an official showing of the participants’ very own films!

As part of the News of the World Station series, we present the following features: Patrick Imbert and Benjamin Renner’s French-Belgian co-production, the Danish Cyrkelinka, księżniczka Kokoi dziki nosorożec by Jannik Hastrup and an Estonian-Irish-English collaboration Kapitan Morten i Królowa pająków by Kaspar Jancis, Henry Nicholson and Rino Unt. On the menu is also a collection of new short animations from the Netherlands (Jonas i morze, Ścieżki zająca, Wiewiórka i jaskółka, Sabaku, Otto, Scrambled, Trampolina). On top of that, we dust off animated classics by Leszek Gałys. And don’t forget our ANIMATOR OF TOMORROW: MASTERS series, where we highlight the works by artists hosting this year’s workshops. Each artist is an expert in a different technique: Aline Quertain from Beligum (cutouts), Timothy David Allen from England (clay animation), Alexey Alexeev from Russia, Jakub Wroński from Poland (drawn animation) and Daria Wiktoria Kopiec from Poland (puppet animation).

The International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR is an Academy Award® qualifying festival.

It’s Poland’s biggest event dedicated to animated film. Whether in the main competition, retrospectives or thematic sections, every edition of the festival features over 300 films from all around the world. But ANIMATOR is also concerts, workshops and an extensive program dedicated to the youngest viewers.

One of the hallmarks of the ANIMATOR Festival is, without a doubt, the ever-present fusion of animation and music.

The 11th edition of the International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR takes place in Poznań, July 6-12, 2018.