11. MFFA Animator



Hebert, Pierre


On animator festival in years:

Pierre Hébert, self taught talent in the animation department, strongly influenced by animation filmmakers like Norman McLaren and Len Lye, he directed his first films independently while he was still studying Anthropology at the University of Montreal. He worked at The National Film Board of Canada from 1965 until the end of 1999, where inter alia he was a producer and director of the Animation/Youth studio of the French program of the NFB. He was first known for his abstract experimental films dealing with perception phenomena ( Op hop, Opus 3, Around perception, Fundamentals of genetics ). Later, although he always kept an experimental approach, his films became more socially and politically involved (Entre chiens et loup, Memories of war). From 1983, he started to take part in live performances with musicians (Jean Derome, Robert M. Lepage and René Lussier) and choreographers (Ginette Laurin, Rosalind Newman, Louise Bédard and Jean-Marc Matos) and most of his films of that period evolved from those multidisciplinary practices. He is now working on the «Places and Monuments» project in which he reassess his long time interest in the relationship between animation and live action shooting.