11. MFFA Animator





On animator festival in years:

Born in Moscow in 1953; he graduated with honors from the Moscow State Pedagogical University in 1976, where he specialized in teaching, Russian language and literature. He then worked as a high-school teacher and headed workshops in creative writing. In the late 1970s, Gurevich published his works on history of literature, contemporary criticism, sociology of culture, pedagogical and social issues. He gradually turned towards theater (puppetry and synthetic theater) and film (experimental and documentary; especially animated). Gurevich was a board member of a leading animation studio Soiuzmultfilm, he also cooperated with the first independent animated film studio – Pilot. He organized several theater and film festivals, workshops and seminars; he worked in selecting committees, was a reviewer and juror, columnist and editor. Gurevich served as a member of the jury at the festival in Oberhausen. In the mid-1980s he commenced his collaboration with the first independent Russian-English monthly “Kino-Glaz” (“Cine-Eye”) where he wrote about film industry and business; and with “KukArt” (“Pup-Art”) writing articles on puppet theater, design and culture. In 1992 Gurevich moved to the USA. He completed a Ph.D. program in Slavic Languages and Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin. As a guest lecturer, he has been invited with talks and lectures to various universities including Georgetown University and Stanford. In years 2003-2004 he organized and prepared the program for the animated film festival “Cineme” in Chicago.