11. MFFA Animator



Dilworth, John R.


On animator festival in years:

John R. Dilworth was born in 1963 in New York. He is an animation director and designer whose work has appeared on many television channels and has been featured in museum programs (including the Museum of Modern Art in New York). He is the founder of Stretch Films, Inc. one of the leading animation design and production studios in New York City. Dilworth has produced and directed sixteen short films, with PIERRE (1985), THE LIMITED BIRD (1989) and WHEN LILLY LANEY MOVED IN (1992) among them. His breakout film was THE DIRDY BIRDY (1994), which was selected in over 50 international festivals and has won several prizes. Dilworth’s 1995 animated short film THE CHICKEN FROM OUTER SPACE (sponsored by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network) was nominated for an Academy Award and received many other. Re-named "COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG", it was developed as a television series in 1998. Dilworth made 52 half-hour episodes, serving as an executive producer, director, co-writer and voicing numerous characters. COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG wrapped production in 2004 as one of Cartoon Network’s top-rated shows. In 1996 Dilworth completed NOODLES & NEDD. The film was widely-acclaimed and as a result he was commissioned to create five NOODLES & NEDD shorts for “Sesame Street” in 1997 and later another ones. His studio, Stretch Films, produced ACE AND AVERY (1998), a series of 13 animated pre-school shorts. He is also the author of other awarded films, THE MOUSOCHIST (2001), LIFE IN TRANSITION (2005), BUNNY BASHING (2011). Dilworth has been honored with many retrospectives in USA, Italy, Romania. He has also lectured on animation at New York University, School of Visual Arts in New York City etc. and served on film festival selection committees and juries including Annecy, Zagreb, Imola. He is also a member of ASIFA and he often writes about animation.