11. MFFA Animator




On animator festival in years:

Dmitri Geller was born in 1970 in Sverdlovsk (since 1991 under the name of Ekaterinburg). He started drawing when he was fifteen years old; however, he did not acquire any formal artistic education. In years 1986-87 he co-directed ceremonies connected with the New Year and November 7th. At that time he also had three exhibitions of his own works in Sverdlovsk and several group exhibitions in Sankt Petersburg, Moscow, Washington and Copenhagen. In 1989, Geller commenced his studies at the Pedagogical Institute in his hometown. He also became interested in animation and in 1990 he started cooperating with A-Film studio, assisting Alexei Karaev in his film „Ja was slyszu” (I HEAR YOU). Since 1993, supported by computer software and techniques, he has been working on animated advertising reels as a director, script-writer and art director. He has already completed over thirty of them. After graduating from the Pedagogical Institute in 1995, he moved to Moscow and until 1997 he studied there at the Film Directors and Script-Writers Higher Courses. His education at the animation department consisted of several workshops instructed by some of the greatest in the animation industry like: Jurij Norstein, Eduard Nazarov, Fyodor Khitruk and Andrei Khrzanovsky. In 1997 he took part as a script-writer, director and art director in Moscow Animation Project “Optimus Mundus”, organized for the 850th anniversary of the city. He presented his film “Mystery – Is You”. In 2000 he created his graduation film “Hello from Kislovodsk” at A-Film studio.