11. MFFA Animator



Andersson, Max

On animator festival in years:

2014 2010
Born 1962 in Karesuando, Sweden. He studied graphic design in Stockholm and film production at New York University. He is the author of comics such as PIXY, DEATH AND CANDY, CONTAINER and the director of short films including NAIL BABY and the multiple award-winning ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

His stories of tractor children, intoxicated fetuses, homeless houses, meat trees and pet guns have been translated into twenty languages and his images, objects and installations have been shown in numerous exhibitions arounations have been shown in numerous exhibitions around the world, earning him a global underground cult following. Since 1997, Max Andersson lives and works in Berlin.

NIGHT CINEMA / "Tito in Ice" / dir. M. Anderson, H. Ahonen / Szwecja, Niemcy / 2012/ 74'