11. MFFA Animator



Ayar Kumar Tiwari,

On animator festival in years:

Live Music for Contemporary Animation

What performance art companies like New York'sWooster Groupdid to create a forum for unusual stage talents like Spalding Gray, The Sprocket Ensemble Project does for the rich New talents of independent filmmakers and animators. A collaborative performing arts endeavor between composer/performers of live music and directors of short film and animation, the Sprocket Ensemble liberates the excitement of live concert performance to create a new milieu for the appreciation of diverse New forms and talents in the cultural development of modern animation. The Sprocket Ensemble's collaborative series of screenings set to original live musical performance brings a New audience to the world of animation today.
Scoring for five players for the concertsat Animator Festival 2014, Nikbothconducts and plays with the Sprocket Ensemble. Musically, the current Line up is geared towards 1960's jazz  film music for the PinkPanther concert, and for Bill Plympton's Idiots and Angels, is aiming for a slice of Americana Moderne.
From 1997 through 2006, Nik performed with the group weekly in San Francisco and toured extensively, appearing AT festivals, museums, schools and clubs throughout America. Since moving to Gent, Belgium in 2006, Nikhastakenhis ensemble to Portugal, Scotland and Poland, and regularny writes for and records film projects.

ANIMATION AND MUSIC / "Idiots and angels" - with live music: Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble / dir. Bill Plympton / 80'

CLOSING CEREMONY / "Pink Panther" with live music - Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble