11. MFFA Animator



Armata, Jerzy


On animator festival in years:

2016 2015

Jerzy Armata. He is a film and music critic, the editor of Magazyn Filmowy and the vice-chairman of the Kraków branch of the Polish Filmmakers Association. He has been a judge at numerous film festivals and has held the post of art director of the festival Tarnów Film Awards. He is also a lecturer at the Warsaw University and the University of Social Studies and Humanities. He is the author of numerous television and radio programmes, as well as books about films. One of them - Z Armatą na Wilka. Animowany blues Mariusza Wilczyńskiego received the award of the Polish Film Institute, and another, Polish Film for Children and Teenagers, co-written with Anna Wróblewska, received the ZAIKS award in 2015. Jerzy Armata has been awarded with the Order of Merit for the Polish Culture Gloria Artis.