Window Horses

nominated to Oscar 2017


Møller, Flemming Quist


On animator festival in years:


Born 1942 in Denmark. Musician (percussionist), actor, filmmaker, scriptwriter, and author and illustrator of books for children. As a director, he started with small experimental animation, often in collaboration with Jannik Hastrup. Central to Quist Møller's sprawling work stands the cartoon „Benny's Bathtub” (1971) which he wrote the script for and directed together with Hastrup. With his son, Carl, and Stefan Fjeldmark, Quist Møller directed “Jungle Jack” in 1993. It was so successful that there were two sequels: „Jungle Animal 2 - the great film hero” (1996) and „Hugo the Movie Star: Cheeky, flippant and free” (2007). Quist Møller's with Hastrup directed “A Tale of Two Mozzies” (2007).