Window Horses

nominated to Oscar 2017


Hastrup, Jannik


On animator festival in years:


Born 1941 in Næstved (Denmark). During the sixties and seventies, Hastrup, Denmark's grand master of animation, produced and directed some sixty animated short films, among them the Danish classics “Benny's Bathtub” (1970) and “Circleen” (1967-71). “Samson & Sally” (1984) and the Cannes Junior winner “War of the Birds” (1990) became international festival hits. While his films appeal to all ages, the biographical “Hans Christian Andersen and The Long Shadow” (1997) was his first film designated for a mature audience. Hastrup directed also “The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear” (2003), “Circleen - City Mice” (1998), “Circleen - Mice and Romance" (2000) and with Flemming Quist Møller's “A Tale of Two Mozzies” (2007).