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Fierlinger, Paul


On animator festival in years:


Paul Fierlinger was born 1936, in Ashiya, Japan, where his parents were Czechoslovak career diplomats. After the World War 2, he returned from the USA to Czechoslovakia. At the age of twelve, while living in a boarding school in Podebrady, he made his first animated film. In 1955, he graduated from the Bechyne School of Applied Arts. Fierlinger established himself in 1958 as Czechoslovakia’s first independent producer of animated films, providing 16mm films from his home studio.
In 1967, he escaped from Czechoslovakia to Holland, then went to Paris and, finally, to Munich. He arrived in the USA in 1968 where he directed a documentary “Prague, The Summer of Tanks”.
In 1971, Fierlinger set up AR&T ASSOCIATES, INC., his own animation house, initially to produce animated segments for ABC’s Harry Reasoner Specials and PBS’s “Sesame Street”, including the popular “Teeny Little Super Guy” series, which runs to this day. Since 1971, AR&T has produced over 800 films. Fierlinger’s short animation “It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House” received an Oscar nomination. He also made a half-hour film about dogs - “Still Life with Animated Dogs” (2001).
In the fall of 2004, Fierlinger became a part-time lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fine Arts School (PennDesign) teaching hand-drawn 2D computer animation, and an honors program seminar: “In Pursuit of Originality”. His studio continues to produce TV commercials.