11. MFFA Animator



Gondry, Michel


On animator festival in years:


Michel Gondry was born in 1963 in Versailles. He wanted to be a painter or an inventor, and eventually he decided to study at the École des arts appliqués in Paris. It was there that he gained not only professional skills, but made new friends with whom he started a pop-rock band – “Oui-Oui” in 1992. He played drums and directed all their clips. Björk saw one of those clips on MTV and as a result she asked Gondry to direct the video to her song “Human Behaviour”. Their friendship has continued throughout the years and he made as many as five videos to Björk’s songs. Gondry has worked with The Rolling Stones, Massive Attack and many other great bands. He also makes commercials for global brands such as Smirnoff, Air France, Nike, Adidas or Levi. His professional activities have given him both money and several awards. In 2001, Gondry debuted with a feature film “Human Nature”, which unfortunately was quite a big flop. However, three years later he made “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004) which won an Oscar in the Best Original Screenplay category (Gondry was one of the authors). He also directed “The Green Hornet” (2001) and “Mood Indigo” (2013).