11. MFFA Animator



Diamond, Ron


On animator festival in years:


In 1990, Ron Diamond established Acme Filmworks – an award-winning animation production company specializing in commercials, short films, television series, feature films, and distribution. He produced Paul Fierlinger’s animated feature film Drawn From Memory (1995) and the Academy Award-nominated short film Nibbles (2003).
Diamond is also the co-founder and President of Animation World Network which organizes the AWN Oscar Showcase Tour - the ten-day animation industry Red Carpet welcoming of the Animated Short Film Nominees. He has lectured at leading animation schools and has served as a juror and guest speaker at numerous film events and festivals. Since 1998, he has toured annual collections of animated shorts at the major animation studios and top universities to inspire and share the wealth of animated shorts being created around the world. In the last 12 months, Diamond has presented over 60 curated programs, lectures and juried awards while attending animation festivals in India, Germany, Ireland, France, Romania and Belgium.