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Hubley, Faith


On animator festival in years:

Award-winning filmmaker and painter Faith Hubley, directed designed and produced twenty-five films celebrating the wonders of life and art of many cultures. Her films have been honored at the Cannes, Venice and London film festivals.

Born in New York City, she worked in the theater before moving to Hollywood to become a film editor and script supervisor. In 1955, she and her husband, John Hubley, established their own independent studio in New York. Their remarkable partnership represented a significant development in the art of animation and produced twenty one films.

Faith was a Life Member of the Arts Student League and a Senior Critic at Yale School of Art. She received honorary doctorates from Columbia College, Chicago, Hofstra University, from the College of Art and Design in Detroit and Cal Arts. In 1997, the Independent Feature Project awarded her the first ever IFP Gotham Award for Animation.

FAITH HUBLEY said in an Interview conducted by Gabrielle Idlet for the 2000 Sundance Film Festival catalogue: “I believe poetry more than I do history. I believe painting, folktales, mythology, good common sense. I may know nothing; I just want my eyes open to the possibilities. I hate those animated feature films paid for by toy companies that teach our boys to kill, our girls to be Barbie dolls and corrupt children’s taste. We are stronger and better than that. I’d be so grateful if my work would inspire people or provoke them into thinking more deeply about how we got to where we are, and convince people that we can undo it. Because we can.”