11. MFFA Animator



Hubley, John


On animator festival in years:

John began his career at the Walt Disney Studios in 1936, working on such films as SNOW HITE, PINOCCHIO and FANTASIA. He grew disenchanted with the Disney style -- the naturalism, the anthropomorphic character design, the detailed artwork, and the gag comedy.

As a founder and creative of United Productions of America (UPA), Hubley worked to test the boundaries of the form but at the peak of UPA's influence, Hubley was forced to resign his position as a result of McCarthyism.

In1955, he and Faith Hubley founded Storyboard Productions. Together, they produced twenty-one films, among them three Academy Award winners from a total of seven nominations, and honors from every important film competition in the world. Their work inspires an appreciation for life, humanize issues of global concern and deepen our understanding of the universe and ourselves with insight and wit.

from The Animator, March 1942, JOHN HUBLEY stated: "A progressive, intelligent approach to animation, and realization that it is an expressive medium, is imperative if we want to keep animated cartoons from stagnating. Development and growth of animation is dependent upon varied, significant subject manner presented in an organized form, evolved from elements inherent in the medium. Among the least understood of these elements are the graphic ones. In spite of the fact that animation is almost entirely concerned with drawings, drawings which must function in both time and space."