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Bąkowski, Wojciech


On animator festival in years:

2014 2012

Wojciech Bąkowski was born in 1979 in Poznań. He graduated from the local University of Fine Arts in 2005. He lives and works in Warsaw. Bąkowski is involved in animation filmmaking, video art, audio performance and alternative music. He is also a poet and the leader of music bands KOT and NIWEA, a member of an artistic group called Penerstwo and the author of a solo project “Wojciech Bąkowski”. In 2009 he won the Zachęta National Gallery of Art Award  “Spojrzenia” and received “Polityka Passport Award” a year later. In years 2009-2011 he published his newspaper sketches in “Gazeta Wyborcza” in the column called “Here’s my little sketch rubric”.
Wojciech Bąkowski presented his works in several individual exhibitions e.g. in CSW Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and Art Exhibitions Bureau of Sopot; he also took part in many international exhibitions e.g. in Bruges, Tokyo, New York and London. He cooperates with Stereo Gallery in Warsaw and Martin van Zomeren in Amsterdam.
His works are coveted not only thanks to their formal fineness and originality of artistic choices, but also because of their frankness and openness. Bąkowski’s unique linguistic sensitivity lands him a special spot in Polish language – his recitations trigger associations with Miron Białoszewski and Beckett’s or Joyce’s works.
Bąkowski’s most notable achievement is his animated film series “Spoken Movies”. It is an attempt to explore the liaisons between animation and the spoken word. In each of the films, he shifts accents to different elements, uses different formal solutions, testing and exploring the boundaries of linguistic clarity and communicativeness.
In his latest works, in both the area of audio art and animated film, Bąkowski radically reduces the form and the content, strips the language off all its complexity in order to achieve simplicity, brevity and clear structure.

ANIMATION AND MUSIC / Telegaz - Wojciech Bąkowski concert / 35'