11. MFFA Animator



Giersz, Witold


On animator festival in years:

Born in 1927 in Poland. Artistic director, screenwriter, director and producer of animatef films; one of Poland's most prominent in the field. A graduate of the Łódź Film School. Giersz made over 30 films, many of them received a recognition and acclaim internationally, winning over 50 prizes and awards.
Colour becomes a dominant feature in Giersz’s work. The films „Little Western” and „Red and black” are admired for their virtuoso use of colour patch to construct the figures. Giersz animates painting compositions, introducing an element of movement into them. He is versatile and original. Giersz is, first of all, a talented painter and a cartoonist. His artistic compositions require a laborious work and effort and yet they lose nothing of their liveliness and delicacy. Giersz’s films surprise with the variety of techniques. He is always looking for new solutions and improvement of old forms.