Here are the winners

11. IAFF Animator


Cimermanis, Janis


On animator festival in years:

Janis Cimermanis was born 1950, Latvia. Animator, animated films director. Graduate of the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music & Cinematography.

Cimermanis worked as a Ppuppet film director at the Latvian Puppet Theatre. Since 1983, Cimermanis has animated and directed puppet films at the Latvian Film Studio, which in 1993 became an independent organization: Animacijas Brigade.

Cimermanis worked on the Danish puppet productions, the short fiction "DEN LILLA RIDDER" ("The Little Knight") and the feature film "PROP & BERTA", which was awarded at Chicago International Film Festival. Both films were directed by Per Fly and produced by Zentropa.
In 2006 he made THE THREE MUSKETEERS - the puppet animation feature of the Dumas classic.