Window Horses

nominated to Oscar 2017


Kowalow, Igor


On animator festival in years:

Igor Kovalyov was born on January 17, 1963 in Kiev, Ukraine. Filmamker, designer, animator and director.
He is internationally acclaimed for his short films
  • „Andrei Svislotski”;
  • „Hen”;
  • „His wife”;
  • “Bird In the Window” and
  • “Flying Nansen”.
He have received numerous awards and prices throughout the animation and film community.
Kovalyov was co-founder of Moscow’s legendary Pilot School of Animation.
The studio also housed some of the most brilliant artists in Russia including many of the current Klasky Csupo designers and animators.
In 1991, Kovalyov accepted an invitation to work at Klasky Csupo’s studio in Hollywood. In his time there, Kovalyov co-directed Klasky Csupo’s first feature film, „The Rugrats Movie” and has directed the television series „Aaahh!!! Real Monsters” as well as episodes of „Duckman and Rugrats”, commercials and internet shorts.