11. MFFA Animator



Czeczot, Andrzej


On animator festival in years:

Andrzej Czeczot – graphic artist, painter, illustrator, stage designer and author of animation films – born in Cracow in December, 27, 1933, graduated from The Fine Arts Academy of Cracow.
He always lives in small towns - Suchedniów, Włoszczowa, Żory, Pszczyna... and finally - Greenpoint in New York.

After the graduation (1957) he worked as an artistic director in the Slask Publishing House. He published his satyrical drawings in magazines.
In 1972 he received a special reward at the II Biennale of Graphic Desigh in Brno for the illustrations to “The Good Soldier Svejk”.

“I began to draw the way I do at the end of 60’ when I illustrated Hasek’s „Svejk” and later the other Chech writers. It was then I founded my own style: everything got clear and I just followed it.”

He started making animated films in Bielsko-Biala Studios. The serie „Makatki”was awarded at the festival in Cracow. He wrote scritps to his film colleagues..”.
Czeczot left for America in 1982.
„Eventually I went to the New York Times. They looked ate my work and immediately gave me 11 pages to illustrate. Afterwards Sonia and I took us 3 days and 3 nights to hardly understand it. I couldn’t figure out if the text was for or contra so I made my drawings ambigious. As it showed I was right. The New York Times doesn’t take sides, only shows the facts”.

Among numerous illustrous Polish Graphic Artists Czeczot has probably achieved the biggest success, having three New Yorker covers in his portfolio but he didn’t settle in the Big Apple for good. In the meantime the communism fell and Czeczot appeared back in Poland as if he never left. First his satyrical drawings came out in the magazines later Czeczot himself came along just to begin in 1996 in Lodz the greatest adventure of his life – film Eden.