11. MFFA Animator



Chołoniewski, Marek

On animator festival in years:

Born 1953. Studied at Music Academy in Krakow where he is now a professor in Electro-acoustic Music. He is a founder and a co-creator of numerous bands: Pociąg Towarowy, Studio MCH, Studio Ch&K (with K. Knittel), CH&K&K group (with K.Knittel and W.Kiniorski), mc2 duo (with M.Chyrzyński), Double Mark (with M.Polishook), Inifinity Quartett (with K.Neuringer, R.Zawel, R.Mazur), Natural Plastic (with A.Knoles), Kinetic Trio (with W.Kiniorski and R.Mazur) –which he performs with and makes records.
Marek Chołoniewski composes instrumental and electro-acoustic music for radio, film and TV. He is also a performer; known for his sound and video installations and audiovisual projects. He gives concerts and lectures all over Europe, Asia, North and South America. He is an initiator, artistic director, coordinator and a partner of many international artistic: a series Audio Art (1987), Festival Audio Art (1993), International Modern Music Worrshopks in Krakow (1993), Internationale Akademie für Neue Komposition und Audio Art in Tyrol 1993 - 1999), Silent Films with Life Music (1994), GlobalMix (1998), Artists Vessel (2000), GPS-Art (2000), Ensemble Spiel (2003), Bridges and European Modern Orchestra (2003 - 2007), Polish Electro-acoustic Music Association (2005), Polish Sound Art in China, Chinese Sound Art in Poland (2006 - 2008), PAFME (2006), European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies (2006 - 2008), Polish Culture Week in Luxemburg (2008). 2006 he received a honorary Award ZKP of the Minister of Culture and the Independent Project Grant CEC Foundation ArtsLink in New York.