11. MFFA Animator



Gross, Yoram


On animator festival in years:

Born in 1926 in Krakow, Poland. Film director, screenwriter and producer of animated films. He studied at Cracow University. Yoram Gross left Poland for Israel and later, he and his wife Sara emigrated to Australia in 1968. Highly acclaimed for his animated films Yoram Gross has earned numerous awards and has won the hearts of children worldwide. Gross first made international headlines with the animated film Dot and the Kangaroo in 1977. Since then he produced several successful animated series for television ( Blinky Bill, Tabaluga, Skippy, Flipper, and Lopaka). Yoram and Sandra continue to make films for children, producing further episodes of the highly successful show, Art Alive. In production are other short form television series, That's Not Right!, The Young Musicians and Prof. Filutek, among a few other concepts in development. Recently Yoram Gross published his memoirs “Chosen by Life” in Poland.