Window Horses

nominated to Oscar 2017


Kovásznai, György


On animator festival in years:

By now a legend, he was one of the most creative artists of the “socialist” times in Hungary, he is mostly acknowledged as the painter who made it in the animation film industry, though less is known publicly of his achievements as autonomous painter and writer.

After being kicked out from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1957, concentrated his energies on writing. He was an editor-in-chief of the “” art section (1958-74). He also worked with illegal theatre groups, and directed his own plays in private performances. His first stop-motion painting film METAMORPHOSES, he created in 1964. The film won the Gold Ducat Award at the Mannheim Film Festival. Kovásznai made twenty-five animation films with various techniques. He died in 1983 of leukemia, while still working on CANDIDE, his second feature-length animation film prepared in French–Hungarian co-production.