11. MFFA Animator



Brillowska, Mariola


On animator festival in years:

2010 2009
Mariola Brillowska (1961) – painter, cartoonist, radio journalist, performer, animator. She was born into a Polish-German family in Sopot on the Polish coast. After emigrating to Germany in 1981, she settled in Hamburg where she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her short films such as GRABOWSKI, HOME OF LIFE (1990), ERIK IM SEXIL (1993), FIFI (1984), CONTR-CONTRAS (1997) and FALSE PLAYER (1997) brought her international recognition. She also co-produced the feature-length animated film KATHARINA UND WITT with Charles Kissing. For years Brillowska has been engaged in teaching, giving lectures at the academies of fine arts in Offenbach am Main, Hamburg, Potsdam-Babelsberg and Dresden.
Brillowska is undoubtedly one of the most controversial filmmakers in the world of animation of the last twenty years. She is not afraid of kitsch, or the excessive use of different means of expression or of provoking her audiences. Her aggressive films, both on an artistic and verbal level, cross the boundaries of good taste and all standards of political and cultural correctness. In her work the artist denies that art and animation should only deal with themes from the fields of highbrow culture. She is interested in problems such as emigration, manipulation and surveillance, the impact of the media on current attitudes, the role of stereotypes in the shaping of our vision of the world, and the position of sex in the modern world.

Bogusław Zmudziński