11. MFFA Animator



Czekała, Ryszard

On animator festival in years:

(1941-2010) After graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Cracov together with Professor Kazimierz Urbański and fellow alumni [eg JJ Antonisz and K. Raynoch] he had founded the Animated Film Studio, which played a very important role in the world of independent cinema until the end of eighties. The very first production of ["Ptak", "Syn," "Apel"] brought him fame and recognition in the film community, as well as many festival awards [min. In New York, Tehran and Mannheim]. In his animated films he applied the appropriate means of expression for the action film, which has brought amazing results, introducing a psychological depth and exploring new areas, previously unheard of in animation. Richard Czekała was a unique artist, writer and director.