11. MFFA Animator



Dumała, Piotr


On animator festival in years:

2011 2010
Piotr Dumała is a director, scriptwriter and set designer of both regular and animated films. Moreover, he is a writer, illustrator and graphic artist. For many years he worked at the Se-Ma-For film studio in Łódź and the Studio of Film Miniatures in Warsaw. In his films, Piotr Dumała uses a host of innovative animation techniques. He made use of the “plaster-plate” technique to produce FLYING HAIR (LATAJĄCE WŁOSY) (1984), A GENTLE SPIRIT (ŁAGODNA) (1985) and FREEDOM OF THE LEG (WOLNOŚĆ NOGI) (1988). His film 1987 WALLS (ŚCIANY), is regarded as one of the most important films produced by Se-Ma-For. His other films, which include, LITTLE BLACK RIDING HOOD (CZARNY KAPTUREK) (1983), THE NERVOUS LIFE OF THE COSMOS (NERWOWE ŻYCIE KOSMOSU) (1986), A SERIES OF ABSURDITIES (SERIA ABSURDU) (1993) or CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (2000), brought him enormous success. Piotr Dumała is also the author of a collection of short stories, entitled RAZOR GAME (GRA W ŻYLETKI) (2000), as well as many short stories printed in “Kino” monthly. Furthermore, he draws, creates book covers, posters, illustrations for magazines and set designs for films.